Zebra Labels


Zebra is a worldwide leader in the field of electronic equipment especially known for its printing equipment and devices. Zebra printers are created for small-scale printing items such as Zebra labels, tags, receipts, tickets, packaging slips and bracelets. Zebra labels are printed using direct thermal or thermal transfer printing approaches. Depending upon their application, output and efficiency attributes Zebra printers are categorized into mobile, desktop and industrial printers. Basic and lightweight, Zebra printers include practical updatable software application and require minimal maintenance in order to produce high-quality Zebra labels.

There is a huge spectrum of Zebra printer labels, tags, tickets and other printer devices varying in sizes, shapes and products to be utilized as premade consumables for Zebra printers. Zebra printer labels and products consist of:

Self-adhesive Zebra labels

Zebra labels are printed via direct thermal or thermal transfer printing approach on paper or synthetic products. Zebra labels have a three-layer structure including a surface area material (with or without surface), a glue layer and a base.

Tags and tickets

These Zebra items are made from paper or synthetic materials however unlike Zebra labels do not have adhesive homes. Zebra tags may include special-purpose openings developed for their accessory to the target items.


Zebra receipts are made from thin paper varying from 60 to 110 microns to be printed on desktop, mobile or kiosk printers by the direct thermal printing technique.


Wrist Zebra bracelets are printed with the thermal transfer method and utilized in health and entertainment sectors for customer or personnel recognition.

More than 100 Zebra label products with various functional specifications are available to fulfill numerous application requirements. Depending on the client s spec, Zebra can be made removable, permanent, weather condition-, temperature-, or scratch-resistant by choosing the matching products. Zebra printer labels and other devices may come blank or bear pre-printed graphic or textual info such as a logo design, slogan, contacts or images. The following typical kinds of Zebra printer labels can be chosen according to the application field:

Z-Perform– the most typical type of Zebra printer labels with a white and smooth surface area printed on routine paper with the direct thermal or thermal transfer method. These Zebra labels are easy and cost effective.

Z-Select- premium class Zebra labels and tags with an extra-smooth surface for high-quality printing with the direct thermal or thermal transfer method.

PolyE– regular white Zebra printer labels made of polyethylene, intended for irregular and curved surfaces, printed with the thermal transfer approach. These Zebra labels are characterized with a low-resistance to scratches and slurs and adhesive flexibility, sustain temperatures of under 60 C and outdoor conditions. Offered with a matt and gloss finish.

PolyPro– expert white polypropylene Zebra printer labels developed for irregular and curved surfaces printed with the thermal transfer technique. These Zebra labels have good scratch and slur resistance properties and adhesive flexibility, sustain the temperatures of as much as 120 C and as much as 9 months of outside conditions. Available with a matt and gloss finish.

Z-Xtreme– white matt polyester Zebra printer identifies with chemical-resistance residential or commercial properties planned for thermal transfer printing. These labels are defined with a high resistance to chemicals, scratches and slur sustaining the temperature levels approximately 150 C and 3 years of outdoor application. Readily available with a white and silver finish.

Z-Ultimate– scratch and slur-resistant polyester Zebra printer labels with a gloss surface area. These labels have a high resistance to mechanical damage and slur and good resistance to chemicals. They sustain the temperature levels of approximately 150 C and 3 years of outside application. Available with a white, silver, transparent and yellow finish.

Z-Supreme– heat resistant Zebra printer labels made from polyimide. These Zebra labels are characterized with an extreme temperature resistance of approximately 500 C. Offered with a white and yellow surface.

Zebra labels, equipment and devices have rightfully gained a place of honor on the printing market. High quality requirements and availability of devices and consumables make Zebra the choice of numerous companies in numerous sectors.

Product Labels and Label Printing


Due to constant growth of production volumes and consumer markets label printing technologies have been intensively establishing over the last decades. Having a hard time to draw in client attention manufacturers thoroughly design captivating item labels for newly produced and existing goods.

Item labels are essentially notepads, plastic, fabric or other material including textual or graphic info about a product. Item labels inform the consumers of the nature of an item defining item and manufacturer details, production and expiration dates, ingredients, client assistance details and other data which the manufacturer deems proper and necessary to offer. Item labels have a set of crucial functions and serve for:

Item identification

that includes product info and brand name identity aspects, such as colors, typefaces, logos, and so on;

Packaging or sealing of an item

Particular product labels types, e.g. diminish sleeve labels used for bottles, serve a double purpose providing information and a protective seal for extra security;

Publicity and market promo

Product labels can increase or reduce item appeal. That is why item labels are thoroughly developed to fit the target market.

Proof of an item authenticity

Elaborate and hi-tech item labels containing holographic images, barcodes, DataDot technologies and other graphic, chemical and optical aspects make sure defense against imitations;

Regulatory compliance

Apart from optional characteristics there is a number of official requirements set in relation to item labels by appropriate laws and guidelines inning accordance with the kind of item. Thus, inning accordance with basic practice, foodstuff labels should include accurate details on the country of origin, producer, components, nutritive properties, production date and service life of an item.

Label printing technologies differ inning accordance with identify style, colors, products, needed output as well as available spending plan. The following printing approaches are typically utilized for label printing:

Balanced out printing (lithography)– a traditional top quality and reasonably inexpensive label printing method frequently used for a big-volume production where images are moved from metal or polymer plates to rubber blankets and then to the printed surface area. The time-consuming set-up procedure makes offset label printing technique inappropriate for rush orders;

Digital printing– a label printing method comparable to offset printing where electrostatic rollers are utilized instead of printing plates. Unlike balanced out printing digital label printing approach is used for short-run and quickly changing orders;

Flexographic printing – a flexible label printing solution for fast printing, suitable for a large spectrum of materials and characterized with a high runnability especially in case of big solid areas. Flexography becomes really cost-effective when applied in mass production;

Gravure printing– an unique high-speed label printing technique for printing of long-run orders. Gravure presses and cylinders print on big rolls of paper which are then cut according to the needed measurements. Gravure printing permits special printing impacts such as metallic elements. This label printing method is defined with an exceptional quality however can just be financially feasible if used for high-volume production due to high expense of printing cylinders;

Silk-screen printing – a label printing approach enabling to develop tactile texturized images;

Relief printing– a printing method enabling a detailed elaboration of images, fantastic for creation of brilliant colorful and sharp images.

Label materials and product labels printing methods depend considerably on the nature of items, order volume and set budget. The existing range of printing implies allows finding the best value for loan service.

Riedell Skates

Riedell skates was established by Paul Riedell who has actually been inducted into both the figure skating and also roller skating Hall of Fame. For over 65 yrs they have actually been handcrafting their figure skates in Red Wing, Minnesota.

Riedell boots contains a few designs to select as well as are prominent amongst very first time olympic medalists. They possess a conical toe box, a medium instep, and also a tool size heel.

This product is an effective selection for those who have tapered toes, a medium to flat arch as well as medium heel. Many different adolescent ice skaters, consisting of children, have a large foot. Riedell has actually satisfied this hurdle by being the only brand name that has a broad size alternative for their access level/beginner ice skates.

Riedell Figure Skates are a few of one of the most preferred boots for very first time purchasers to top-level rivals.

Riedell boots vary from entry-level to innovative, with lots of skate alternatives offered in the center.

Throughout the 5 skate lines, select from the preferred Light Series including the all brand-new ARIA or Traditional Collections with ageless design – Silver, Bronze or Gold Star. Both assortment are with efficiency convenience functions to earn one of the most of every moment on the ice.

The all brand-new Instruction collection including the EDGE, MOTION as well as STRIDE are best for those group Freestyle classes. While the revamped GEM collection brings the bling. Search for the EMERALD, PEARl,

DIAMOND for your discover how to ice dancers.

Riedell Boots provides the world’s best choice of basic skate boots and also blades. For those who require that unique attention we’ll develop a customized, premium, or unique makeup boot with functions of your option.

For the skater your are today and also the skater your wish to end up being, Riedell Figure Skates has the very best skate for you.

You understand Riedell develops incredible ice skates for all levels of ice dancers. However have you ever questioned how our quality figure skate boots as well as skate blades are made?

Established more than 65 years back in the town of Red Wing, Minnesota, Paul Riedell had the objective of receiving, quality assurance and also economical ice skates. Paul played a big function in making leisure skating extensively offered to kids, teenagers and also grownups and ended up being a member of both the roller and ice skating Hall of Fame. Today in Red Wing, Paul’s 4 grand sons in addition to 100 proficient staff members handmade and also complete more ice skates than throughout the world!

Did you understand? The production procedure for structure figure skate boots includes as lots of as 125 various production actions!

Riedell is a huge name worldwide of skating devices. This reputed American maker of skates with over 70 years of experience in the market provides an excellent series of items for dancing & skating as well as roller skating. Concentrated on continuous advancement Riedell incorporates the current innovations, physiological style and ingenious products into the production procedures which represents the high quality and efficiency of Riedell skates . Riedell ice and also roller skates and devices are now utilized all over the world by ice dancers of every ability level consisting of the world figure skating champions.

Ice Skating Dresses

When it pertains to ice skating dress for ladies as well as females, there are lots of designs as well as manufacturers on the marketplace, from personalized figure dancing costumes including hand-applied Swarovski crystal stone to plain outfits for ice dancing with no finery. So when it concerns acquiring your upcoming ice dance apparel, the first of all thing to ask your own self is exactly what sort of dress you want.

The ideal ice skating dress is an indispensable portion of any efficiency on the ice, whether it be practice, screening, or an Olympic competitors. A woman figure skater has to look her ideal when carrying out, as well as using a well-fitting, durable apparel guarantees she does. Choose an ice dance apparel or perhaps skirt inning accordance with the kind of training program, such as ice dance, competitive ice dancing, and screening. Finally, ensure it fits well and also flatters the skater’s figure prior to including it to your figure dancing apparel.

While figure skating dresses for competitors deal a lot of shimmer, they’re typically developed as well as color collaborated to match a particular program style or music option. They are far more sophisticated then practice dresses as well as it is not recommended to use as an everyday practice attire. You wish to keep your competitors dress in beautiful condition so it looks the best when it’s your turn in the spotlight.

Elaborately embellished competitors dresses include crystals, lace, sequins, and chiffon into intense color mixes to develop outfits judges keep in mind. Ice dancing competitors dresses are developed to catch the attention of both audience and judge as well as assistance viewers link the efficiency to the feelings of the music. Competitors dresses are made to shimmer, and their high rates show the additional products and workmanship that enters into producing them. A reliable competitors dress can be an excellent addition to a skater’s regimen.

There is an abundance of figure dancing dresses as well as skirts on the marketplace for both women and ladies. The kind of occasion throughout which the dress will be used is the very first factor to consider. A figure skater does not use the exact same design dress for a session when it comes to a competitors. From greatly embellished creative skating dresses to basic, financially priced skating skirts, pick the design proper for each kind of skating. Likewise, every skater ought to bear in mind that ice skating leggings must constantly be used when using ice dance apparel or skirts.

At the very same time, it has actually ended up being less preferred to use a practice figure dancing dress for competitors. You desire ice dancing for competitors your program to look polished on the ice, as well as your ice skate clothing can make a distinction in how your efficiency is gotten. In a group of 15 skaters whose capabilities are all comparable, a sensational skating dress might make the distinction in the eyes of a judge.

For a lovely however basic ice skating dress, you can likewise take a look at figure dancing dresses for screening, which are developed to look basic however classy.

Lastly, keep in mind that various kinds of skating programs require various kinds of ice skating dresses. While ice dancing dresses include longer flowy skirts, creative figure dancing dresses are more interpretive as well as costume-like.

No matter what level skater you are, the most essential recommendations is to constantly purchase an ice skating dress that’s proper for your requirements.

Roller skates quick guide

Roller skating is a highly interesting type of activity. Once you ´ ve paid attention to a bunch of roller skating moves, appreciated a beautiful artistic skating performance or solely indulged in a view of strong and agile skaters at a local trail you are probably to be intrigued by roller skating and want to give it a go yourself. Anyone may start with rental roller skates in order to get the sense of it. Having said that, as quickly as you understand that extraordinary feeling of speed and unrestraint that you get when roller skating, you will desire to purchase your own roller skating gear. Buying you own roller skates will allow you to practice with more versatility, get the most ideal comfort for your feet and save money on rental expenses.

STYLES OF ROLLER SKATES: There are two main forms of roller skates commonly chosen for recreational purposes and competitive sport: quad roller skate and inline roller skates.

The quad skates (or often they are also knowned simply as “roller skates”) are the oldest style of roller skates the 1st prototype of which was patented by James Plimpton in 1863 in the AMERICA. It was with this type of skates that the endless interest for roller skating began first in the United States then afterwards around the entire world. These days the quad skates are made from boots installed on aluminum frames with two dual sets of wheels found in the front and in the back of each roller skate. The quad skates are usually identified with easy balance as well as controllability that make them ideal for novice skaters. These roller skates are generally made use of for recreational and artistic skating, additionally for such team sports as roller hockey and roller derby.

The inline skates were actually designed much behind the quads (in 1979) by Scott and Brennan Olson on the basis of hockey skates. They redesigned traditional back then roller skates by positioning the four wheels in one line (from which the term “inline” originated) and installing them on hard hockey boots. The inline skates have gotten wide popularity very quickly, presently surpassing the quad skates on the marketplace. The design of inline skates has changed in numerous ways considering that their innovation. Nonetheless, the main characteristics giving them specific advantage over the quad skates are still the same: bigger speed, potential to roll on uneven surface areas, a more significant level of sport applications. The selection of inline skating activities includes but is not limited to fitness skating, slalom, aggressive skating, downhill, speed racing, artistic skating, roller hockey and others.

Aside from quad and inline skates currently quad skates there is another unusual kind of roller skates referred to as tri-skates or three-wheel skates. They may be developed as a sub-model of inline skates including high-cut boots with one wheel at in front and two wheels in the back of the frame. These skates are normally planned for young and beginning skaters. Both back wheels serve the very same function as in case of bike training wheels, providing extra stability and balance. Often the design of tri-skates permits for wheels rearrangement to the inline position, when the student gains enough confidence to ride without having them.

There is one more unique type of roller skates which is now acquiring popularity on the skating market: Cardiff Skates. They are bootless skates, created as metal platforms with 4 wheels placed in a diamond shape and straps for foot fixation. These kinds of skates are developed to be used with your normal footwear and are effortlessly adjustable to fit your foot size. The Cardiff roller skates are aimed for casual strolls and can be considered a practical mean of transportation requiring a minimal storage space.

Now that we have discovered what sorts of roller skates are available on the market place it is about time to choose which one will match your objective. Ask yourself, what type of skating activity attracts you most and select the skates appropriately. FigureSkatingStore.com offers a wide range of roller skates of every type for optimal prices. If you have any further concerns involving roller skates, our specialists will provide you with all the needed information at 818-785-2002 or at [email protected]